This regional area of Directory Library is where the directory divides between countries. The directory does this include sites pertaining to one country or another, the regional sections concentrate on sites, services and information that relate to one specific country only. An example of this could be a plumbing and heating engineer working in Chicago only.

The world regional sections and countries included here provide an ideal and very powerful platform for you to advertise your own services including local shops and other business services.

This section is constantly growing to include information about schools, health services and clinics in numerous areas. Please assist us by submitting your local services to this regional area of

  • BBC: Country Profiles - An official BBC site providing an online guide to numerous countries throughout the world with details of their history, politics and economics. Also includes video clips.
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  • City Population - An intriguing and informative website providing details of the population and the major agglomerations of the world.
    Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  
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  • One World Nations Online - An online reference directory and destination guide to worldwide countries including area histories, time zones and also offering satellite images and global awareness information.
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