What Happened to the Google Directory?

The Internet is so large and vast that we simply can’t help duplicating some sections of text that are in other sites from time to time, however when Google tells us that “duplicate content” is a no, no they are mostly referring to large blocks of text that completely match the content of another website or article etc. This is the most obvious area of duplicate content and the easiest to discover. If you’re unsure if you’re using a block of text that may not be original simply copy that text into a search engine and see if it exists […]

Blog Spammers: Why waste your time?

It really does amaze me why bloggers constantly bombard blogs like this one with their endless drabble in an attempt to get their link onto websites! Only today I deleted 74 generic replies where the poster actually believes that they will impress us by telling us what a wonderful site we have! Errrrr sorry but that doesn’t get your link to your crappy low class, fall apart tomorrow jewelry site, happy sex pills and gambling sites listed in our quality sites, well not this side of hell freezing over anyway! Stuff like: Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel […]

How Many Dmoz Editors Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb

 Answer: 6 First Editor: Will inspect the lightbulb to find out if it really is a lightbulb and if it is working. If the lightbulb passes this test the editor will put it into storage by moving it to another department/category. Installing the lightbulb will be far too easy at this stage. Second Editor: There will more likely be a time period of around 8 to 12 months before the lightbulb is re-looked at by this, probably inquisitive editor. He/she will quickly look at the lightbulb and decide it would be better somewhere else so will move it on to […]

Are nofollow or Page Rank N/A Links Valuable

Firstly for those of you that don’t know about the nofollow attribute, these are links that are placed on websites but with meta tag instructions to tell search engines not to follow or crawl a particularly link that has the rel=”nofollow” coding. Links using the nofollow command also do not pass page rank or anchor text benefits from one site to the other. So are nofollow links of any value? Some will say that a nofollow link has no value whatsoever and will avoid obtaining them or requesting link exchanges from sites that implement a nofollow. But what we all […]

Top Link Building Strategories For Boosting Page Rank And Consumer Interest

Web directories lost a lot of their clout in 2008, but have reemerged as viable tools for the optimization process. These resources are now often entirely human edited and require company owners to prepare impressive sites for mandatory review processes. With a greater effort to discern genuine attempts to educate the public through the provision of quality content, directories are now an essential part of gaining search engine and consumer attention. The following link building strategies are recommended by major SEO gurus throughout the globe. Prepare Your Site For The Directory Link Building Process One major aspect of directory link […]

What SEO Gurus Say About Directories

Most SEO gurus share virtually the same opinion about directory link building: It is a vital element of the optimization process and one that must be done properly. The best web directories have stringent review processes that prevent spammers and sites with low-value content from discrediting their efforts with search engines. Even when using reputable directories with dedicated review practices, however, site owners must implement a range of link building strategies in order to obtain optimal benefits from inclusion.

Why Web Directories Are Still Viable

In the 2007 and 2008, Web directories began to develop a bad rap and once their listings lacked any relevancy with search engines, few business owners were interested in using them. Now, however, the best directories are entirely human-edited and have stringent review processes that sites must pass for inclusion. They provide valid and worthwhile links for optimization campaigns, boost page ranks and increase site traffic. In fact, SEO gurus everywhere are calling web directories an unavoidable part of the optimization process. How To Make Directory Link Building Work In order for directory link building to work, it must be […]