Recreation is often associated to sports but the general understanding is that recreation is anything that you can do with your free time such as chilling out and taking the kids and family to a theme park, enjoying the garden, taking yourself off to indulge in birdwatching and trying to spot that deceitful little lesser spotted dustbin diver!

Recreation is an important aspect in all of our lives and is something that we should strive to undertake in our busy computer-generated lives. Check out the categories and subcategories listed here to find your area of interest along with a shopping category to help you on your way.

  • Rendezvous Casino: Elements Restaurant - Luxury restaurant with sophisticated ambiance, elegant surroundings impeccable service and delicious cuisine serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch.
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  • 2 Rate Me - A growing recreational craze where you vote on whether you think a person is good-looking or not or add your own image to be voted on in public.
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  • Amateur and Experimental Rocketry Network - A site providing details for anybody interested in rocketry as a recreational hobby. Includes tips, references and information for beginners as well as a discussion forum.
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