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There are not many amongst us that are not intrigued and fascinated by the magic of a good performing magician, could be something as simple as a disappearing card trick or one of those magical extravaganzas that simply leaves you scratching your head and saying " how on earth did they do that"

The sites listed in this magical Internet web directory provide a host of information and also highlights the history of magic through selected websites listed here. If you have a magic related website and would like to share it with the world we would love to promote both your website and social networking pages in this popular section.
  • Magic and Magicians - An intriguing site that tells the history of magic with details of early American magicians, tricks of the trade and highlights Houdini's life.
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  • Magic Show - An online magazine for anybody interested in magic providing things like fingertip card tricks and a range of guides for beginners.
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  • The Society of American Magicians - Reported to be one of the oldest magical societies in America providing details of conventions, members and highlighting future events.
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