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The information and services provided in this kids and teens section of The Directory Library mainly consist of sites of interest to children and teenagers including obvious subjects such as games and school life but also specific subjects including children's health, the arts and computer related sites and services.

There are many online subjects aimed specifically at the younger generation and these are included here, however the time that your child spends each day should ideally be divided between numerous online activities but also enjoying those outdoor adventures to build important social skills as well as to learn a little about the real world.

This is a busy, constantly visited area of and an ideal platform to promote your own kids and teens related website. Submission to this area is quick and easy with details available by clicking the Submit link.

  • Fairfax Media NiE - New Zealand online kids magazine suitable for all world locations providing entertainment, news and educational articles.
    Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  
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  • Kid Outdoors - An online kids guide to exploring the great outdoors with details of what to do, where to go along with information about wildlife and staying safe outdoors. A must read for adventurous kids.
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