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The area of artificial intelligence within computers is sometimes considered confusing so we will explain the basics along with providing a range of related websites and services chosen by our skilled editors as well as others submitted by Webmasters running sites related to artificial intelligence.

The bases of AI concentrates around computer systems that are capable of performing tasks that require reasonable levels of intelligence such as understanding that one action should be connected to a previous action that could be totally at random. To prevent further confusion check out the sites listed here or if you would like to have your own artificial intelligence website listed here and receive worldwide instant coverage please click the Submit link for full details.
  • AI Links - A broad selection of links relating to artificial intelligence within computers, programming and software including surveys and information about robotic systems.
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  • AI Wisdom - Read through a selection of artificial intelligence related articles specific to the gaming industry including player predictions, fuzzy logic and tips and advice.
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  • Intelligent Systems Report - An online journal and newsletter featuring a range of applications within the intelligent technologies with explanations and links of related interest.
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