Answer: 6

First Editor: Will inspect the lightbulb to find out if it really is a lightbulb and if it is working. If the lightbulb passes this test the editor will put it into storage by moving it to another department/category. Installing the lightbulb will be far too easy at this stage.

Second Editor: There will more likely be a time period of around 8 to 12 months before the lightbulb is re-looked at by this, probably inquisitive editor. He/she will quickly look at the lightbulb and decide it would be better somewhere else so will move it on to another location for somebody else to deal with.

Third Editor: Just over a year later a third editor will appear, inspect the lightbulb to see if it is still working, check to see if it has any friends or relatives already fitted, if so the lightbulb will be deleted at this point and a red note left to tell other editors not to entertain this lightbulb.

Fourth Editor: Assuming that the lightbulb passes the third editor’s test will properly pop up again in about another year, this fourth editor will disagree with the decision of the second editor and move it to yet another location, again placing it back into storage.

Fifth Editor: This editor will be slightly more enthusiastic and will write about the lightbulb, tell everybody what the wattage is, where it comes from and how to purchase more if you need them. This editor will then disagree yet again where it should be and send it on to a new location but unfortunately this editor can’t fit lightbulbs in this new location as he is not qualified so it will again be placed into storage.

 Sixth Editor: Will be a bright and new editor who is keen to please his masters (known as the Meta editors) he/she will then attempt to install the lightbulb, sadly the lightbulb is now six years old, no longer works so this editor throws the lightbulb in the bin.


The moral of this story is, if you have a lightbulb and you want it to shine and prosper, light up the world and be seen, don’t trust it to the likes of Dmoz.

The Directory Library will nurture and care for your lightbulb and have it making the world a much brighter place within 24/48 hours.