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Find a number of websites listed here providing information, care details and advice for owning a cat or dog. It would be advisable to read through some of the discussion forums along with information about raising a cat or dog before obtaining one and of course remembering that he or she could be with you for around 20 years.

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  • A Dog's Life - Providing valuable information about owning and being responsible for a pet dog along with some essential information about how to bring up your dog and things that can be potentially dangerous for it including chocolate.
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  • Therapy Dogs International - Details of this large US charity dedicated to raising and providing therapy dogs or stress relief and a range of other conditions.
    Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  
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  • Cat Forum - An online discussion forum dedicated to all things feline with a range of active topics, classified advertising and registration details. Includes an image gallery.
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  • Pets Principle - Pets principle provides information, help and advice on keeping and looking after dogs. Read reviews, product ideas and how to keep your dog healthy.
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