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Many people think of pharmacy as just a corner drugstore or chemist and often do not consider the high professionalism involved in chemical sciences surrounding the pharmacy industry that need to ensure the safe and responsible distribution of all manner of drugs and products relating to health. Find a mixture of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sites of interest listed here along with details of a range of pharmacy services.

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  • Allexperts Pharmacy - Providing online expert advice and articles relating to numerous drugs and pharmaceutical products. Includes alphabetical listings.
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  • - A comprehensive and up-to-date drug information site listing more than 24,000 prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines with details of their use and possible side effects.
    Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  
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  • - A leading prescription plan for pharmacists, public members and US prescriptions offering reductions up to 80%.
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