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This finance section of the Directory Library provides information about the digital currency used across the Internet known as bitcoins and offers an explanation of bitcoin value, how to receive them and also how to use them as payment in exchange for transactions or products over the Internet.

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  • Bitcoin - Offering a video introduction to the world of bitcoins with information about receiving and exchanging them for a range of goods and services over the Internet.
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  • Bitcoin Gift Cards - An Australian site with details of gift cards for games, gifts, Hi-Fi products, movies and fuel.
    Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  Bhanvadcom  
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  • How to Buy Bitcoins - An online introduction to bitcoins with purchasing information and details of their value and how to trade them for goods on the Internet.
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  • MtGox - Reported to be the world's largest bitcoin exchange site offering rate details and secure transactions along with the schedules and general information about the bitcoin scheme.
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