Most SEO gurus share virtually the same opinion about directory link building: It is a vital element of the optimization process and one that must be done properly. The best web directories have stringent review processes that prevent spammers and sites with low-value content from discrediting their efforts with search engines. Even when using reputable directories with dedicated review practices, however, site owners must implement a range of link building strategies in order to obtain optimal benefits from inclusion.

Link Building Strategories

You should always choose the most relevant category for your business. Search engines definitely pay attention to categorical relevancy, as will consumers. If you find yourself torn between two categories, always choose the one that has the higher rank. You should then review some of the of other sites in your category and pay attention to their word use. This is particularly helpful for those who are seeking directory inclusion for the first time. Using link building strategories is ultimately a way of maximizing the benefits of categorical inclusion by taking advantage of niche opportunities.

You want your listing to be unique, however, using similar sites as guidelines will make it easier to construct effective listing titles and descriptions. You must always remember that excessive self-promotion is the fastest way to get labeled as spam. If your content is good and your listing well-constructed, there is no need to over-promote in order to get attention or inclusion.

Niche Directories

You can find some of the best link building strategories by simply searching for web directories that are entirely niche-specific. SEO gurus do not suggest that companies should only post on niche-specific directories, however, they do recommend using them to further you directory link building efforts. This will help you to create a link profile that is well-rounded and balanced. These smaller directories are far more difficult to gain inclusion with, however, using them can enhance your link profile a lot more than links that have been posted via larger directories with less stringent review processes. They can also help to drive targeted and often qualified traffic to your pages.

Avoid Overkill

SEO gurus always recommend taking directory link building slow by staggering your submissions. Rather than reaching out to every free directory at once, focus on maintaining quality content and reaching out to only reputable directories, even when these require you to pay review or annual fees. Having the wrong links can do your site more harm than good. In fact, you should make an effort to build one naturally organic link for every link that you secure through a directory. This will keep your profile balanced.

How To Prepare Your Site For Directory Link Building

Getting your site ready for editorial reviews is a vital part of gaining inclusion in some of the most respected directories out there. Your site should load fast and navigation should be easy. Take some time to eliminate heavy images and JavaScript and to fix all areas with cryptic and complex navigation. Your site content should be impeccable, valuable and worthy of attention. Most SEO gurus will attest, however, that the most important part of submitting your site to a directory is simply choosing the right categories to post in and the best directories to use.