Web directories lost a lot of their clout in 2008, but have reemerged as viable tools for the optimization process. These resources are now often entirely human edited and require company owners to prepare impressive sites for mandatory review processes. With a greater effort to discern genuine attempts to educate the public through the provision of quality content, directories are now an essential part of gaining search engine and consumer attention. The following link building strategies are recommended by major SEO gurus throughout the globe.

Prepare Your Site For The Directory Link Building Process

One major aspect of directory link building is getting ready for the editorial review process. Companies will often pay considerable review fees in order to gain inclusion and these monies are not generally returned when sites do not pass. In instances in which no review fees are charged, there are still the necessary wait times to consider and the impacts that these will have on the business building process. More importantly, editors that are not being paid for their contributions will rarely contend with issues of poor layout, confusing navigation and pages that are slow to load.

You must make sure that your content is relevant to your chosen category and that your pages are easy to view, quick to load and filled with inherent and easy to assess value. Having a third-party tour your site with these desired features in mind will allow you to get an outside opinion before spending money on review fees. The best sites are often awarded fast approvals and can start reaping the almost immediate benefits that inclusion will provide.

Choose The Appropriate Category

Categorical relevancy is by for the most important of all the link building strategies out there. Companies must make sure that they are seeking inclusion for the most appropriate categories and sub-categories for their pages and their overall business structures. This enhances the value of directory link building in terms of search engine reviews and will also make it much more likely for businesses to start receiving targeted and qualified traffic from inclusion.

Find The Best Web Directories To Pursue

It will take a lot of quality links to get the results that most businesses are seeking. Unfortunately, not all web directories can guarantee links that will be perceived as being quality. Some of the best directories to use are those that are niche-specific. These are also some of the most difficult to gain inclusion with. This makes it essential for companies to carefully assess their own website fitness before submitting inquiries and to ascertain niche relevancy. Doing so will reduce the costs of directory link building, by reducing unnecessary review fees for sites that are not ready to pass these often stringent inspections.

Build Organic Links While Waiting For Inclusion

Some of the best directories can take quite a while to review and approve sites for inclusion. Companies should certainly not waste time sitting on their laurels while waiting for these approvals. In fact, SEO gurus recommend bolstering every directory link building effort with the creation of an organic link to bolster your company’s overall link profile. Businesses that do so will bode far better with major search engines than those that generate a massive amount of directory links in a very short span of time.