What SEO Gurus Say About Directories

Most SEO gurus share virtually the same opinion about directory link building: It is a vital element of the optimization process and one that must be done properly. The best web directories have stringent review processes that prevent spammers and sites with low-value content from discrediting their efforts with search engines. Even when using reputable directories with dedicated review practices, however, site owners must implement a range of link building strategies in order to obtain optimal benefits from inclusion.

Why Web Directories Are Still Viable

In the 2007 and 2008, Web directories began to develop a bad rap and once their listings lacked any relevancy with search engines, few business owners were interested in using them. Now, however, the best directories are entirely human-edited and have stringent review processes that sites must pass for inclusion. They provide valid and worthwhile links for optimization campaigns, boost page ranks and increase site traffic. In fact, SEO gurus everywhere are calling web directories an unavoidable part of the optimization process. How To Make Directory Link Building Work In order for directory link building to work, it must be […]